Your Web. 9 Important Points.

9 Things your website needs to be functional and worth the money you spent.

A well designed web site is the platform that allows you to engage with potential customers. It is a brilliant marketing platform that promotes your brand, driving the growth of your company. Nothing new here! But, get the content and planning wrong and you’ll be disappointed at its performance. Here are 9 pointers that your web designer will be looking at when preparing your website.

1. Clear Navigation.
It goes without saying that your navigation needs to be easy to understand, clear and easy to find. How do you make sure that this is the case. Firstly your website needs to be well organised so that navigation is sensible and easy to understand. Secondly, the navigation links need to be along the top (header) and at the bottom (footer) of each page. The footer can have extra links that you wouldn’t put along the top, like, your privacy policy page.

2. Web Design and Layout.
Your web page is your shop front, or your business premises depending on your business activity. It is very important that it showcases your brand in a way that keeps people interested. Your web site’s design needs to be engaging and able to draw a viewer in, encourage them to take the journey that leads them to your business.

It is important to keeps fonts to ones that are easy to read, on screen and mobile devices. Stay away from intricate word clouds and masses of small type. Be clear and decisive in what you add to the page.

3. Responsive Design
Nowadays your website will need to be responsive on both the large screen, laptop and mobile. This entails tweeking the layout for the different versions and checking that they look good when viewed.

4. Content Writing.
More than just writing the copy for your website, content entails researching words and terminologies that people would use in searching for your product and having those within your copy. The days of adding a few # and hoping for the best are gone. Not only will good quality content will make it easier for users to understand and relate with your website, it also makes your website interesting to search engines.

5. Great Images
It is completely pointless to have a fabulous website with rubbish images. Ok, well would it even be fab? Back to my point. There are countless free to use image banks if you cant do your own mood shots. Product shots? Read my last blog on shooting your own here.

6. Call to Action
Ensure that your website is equipped with necessary Call to Action opportunities. Subscribe to our newsletter / Grab a Discount / Promotional Emails. All encourage user buy in and allows you to harvest email addresses for future promotional opportunities.

7. Testimonials
Word of mouth and a sense of trust between clients and businesses is so very important these days as we find our area of business stretching worldwide. Reviews help to build a picture of you and your business for potential clients to read. A few on the home page, with a link to more on a page of their own is a good way to go.

8. Story Telling, About You.
Brand loyalty is very important for your company, it is crucial that the customers feel connected to your brand. Ensure that the About Us section presents the story of your brand and company, so that the customers can relate to it. This will help in adding a personal touch to the website and making a lifelong impression on your visitors.

9. Contact Information
Nothing is more irritating than having to search for contact information on a website. A clear and well linked contact page is a must as well as ‘Contact Us’ quick links on each page. Besides that your full address, email and contact number should be on your footer — on each page. I have left websites while interesting in buying their product, yet, can’t find how to contact them.

Thanks for reading, I hope this gave you a good insight into what your website needs to be. If you’d like to chat about your existing website, or have me design you a brand new website….
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