Women. In celebration of their power.

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2 min readMar 8, 2022

“If I can change the life of one person it makes a whole difference because behind that person there is a whole family. It’s a family, it’s a society, it’s Tanzania.” — Victoria Kisyombe founded SELFINA in 2002 taking the lead role as pioneer of micro-credit in Tanzania through micro-leasing to widows and young women

This quote by Victoria Kisyombe resonates with me because I too see the women of society as the life blood of the economy, we are the grandmothers, mothers and sisters of the generations of women to come.

I, as JacciR Design, have walked the entrepreneur path for over 35 years and if I’ve learned anything it is that dogged determination is key, not accepting NO is another, and that we need networks to succeed. If COVID taught me anything it is that I am damn lucky to have the support base that I have, to have the resources and contacts that kept my business going. In the past few years I have really began to look — and start to understand — the impact of my place in the broader society, how my ‘white privilege’ has enabled me to do what I do, have the experiences that feed into my creativity, to tell stories in the way that I do. I am what I am because of my experiences.

I honestly believe in the power of women to shape their lives, those of their families and broader community. From the lady supporting her daughter at university by selling fruit at the taxi rank, to the mother juggling life, kids and work running a business. Both doing it with determination and a willingness to make the sacrifices needed for the long-term goals.

This is why I am passionate about seeing women succeed in business. I love nothing better than to see a business that I helped to brand grow, expand, and succeed. I celebrate when I hear of another woman smashing the so-called glass ceiling. Achieving heights that, before, were unthought of. Doing things differently. I tell you, if women ran the world, we’d not be watching Ukraine being over run by another nut job with power.

It’s time we women rose up and took the reins. Start businesses that are determined to do things differently. Businesses with a social consciousness. Businesses that give back, pay it forward and rise up.

Women. Know your power. Know your place. And then soar.

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