Trends | Web Design | JacciR Design gets a new look: Simple. Ageless.

A good designer finds an elegant way to put everything you need on a page. A great designer convinces you half that shit is unnecessary.” — Mike Monteiro

Image: Ben Kolde on Unsplash

This is the year for BIG CHANGE! JacciR Design is about to reveal a brand new logo and ‘look’ within the next few days! I have pared down, simplified - gone minimal. This is the challenge - our desire to simplify our lives (especially those of us who work from a home studio).

Wix tells us that every day 500 000 new websites are uploaded. Gosh, no pressure then when it comes to making a website stand out!

So, carrying on the conversation from last week, It’s all about simplifying our lives, our businesses and brands. As I said, I am a huge fan of a simple minimal pared down look. I believe that a website needs to portray a real version of you and your business. I think we have all realised that the ‘brands’ on Instagram are more ‘wishful thinking’ than real life.

The following four trends are ones that I absolutely love and they will definitely show up in my web design this year — starting with my new website and logo. I think these particular trends are ones with a bit of longevity in them, they’re not going to be ‘out’ next year.

Websites with a clean, light weight appearance and soft earthy colours. Lots of negative (empty) space which gives the design space to breath. Like river currents, white space helps to move viewers through your site, flowing from one element to the next. It creates a hierarchy where no element overpowers the next.

Pared back information with simple images that portray your brand honestly. We will still see sophisticated effects, just in a more refined manner. By taking out noisy layers and instead being bold with design elements, designers will still portray the essence of the brand.

A good design needs a harmonious composition. Balance. This is achieved in two ways, symmetrical design (a grid pattern for example), or a repeated grouping of asymmetrical pods. Simple, yet ordered.

First element: adding an interesting twist to clean modern design. Serif type styles are making a comeback! Typestyles like Times New Roman and Georgia are examples of these. Using these fonts really brings back a sense of classic style.

Secondly, we are also going to see designers using simple, sophisticated San Serif type styles, but in unusual weights and sizes. The words are more like art rather than copy. One word covering the entire width of the page, laid over an image or simple block of colour.

Single words hinting at what is to come, rather than filling the space with sentences. Also, very much in line with the simple minimalist trends of this year where bold design comes from the colour and font.

Web designers are bringing illustration front and center this year, toning down the use of stock images, or at the very least combining them with custom images. The illustrator in me loves this as it really brings reality to your website.

Until my next blogpost! Be sure to pop in on 02.02.2022 when I re-launch my Jacci R Design Logo and Website.

In the meantime you can check out my website on



JacciR Design is a virtual studio, making use of the best of social media platforms to reach, chat to, and design for, my clients.

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JacciR Design

JacciR Design is a virtual studio, making use of the best of social media platforms to reach, chat to, and design for, my clients.