Pay What You Can Campaign

A round up and an explanation.

My ‘Pay What You Can’ Campaign has been running for three months, we have been so excited to have done work for some truly fabulous people. Small business owners, who like me have struck out on their own into the unknown, excited by the prospect of chasing the dream, of doing what they are passionate about. AND. I’ve decided to open it up to anyone, from Cape Town to Cairo, Rome to Istanbul.

Over the weekend someone asked my why am I doing this when I could be making so much more money charging ‘real’ prices for my years and years of experience.
Do you know what?
I didn’t need to think very long about how to answer. I’m passionate about women entrepreneurs, believe unwavering in the effectiveness of bottom up economies — small businesses supporting countless families on a day to day basis. You could say it’s a calling. I do it because I want all new, even small, business to be able to afford good design, well though out social media campaigns, fabulous websites.

The last two years have been tough on all of us, people have lost their jobs, economies are faltering, yet, through all of this my business has continued to grow. I know I’m blessed. I also believe that I am a conduit, a channel, that we aren’t meant to gather riches for ourselves, but to pass it on, play it forward.

So this is how it works. JacciR Design is offering an opportunity for small business owners to ‘PAY WHAT YOU CAN’ for web design* and graphic design. If its a social media announcement for you business, a web site that show cases what you do or just some great design work to support your business you ‘PAY WHAT YOU CAN’

No catch, no jokes….. I mean it, ‘PAY WHAT YOU CAN’ for my years of experience, guaranteed service excellence and quick turn around times. I purposely don’t make distinctions between PWYC and full paying clients — because you won’t see the difference at all. Everyone gets my best effort.

* Website offered is a simple one or two pager or an e’flyer type landing page. Catalogue or e commerce sites are not included unless I’m going to do a template with up to 5 items, and show you how to upload the rest of your items. But, hey, speak to me and lets see what can be done with those.

Contact me and lets chat.

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