Let me introduce myself.

Who am I? I am a wife, mother, grandmother. I am an artist, a designer, a photographer. I am a lover of music, nature and travel.

I’m 56 years old, was born at the Kingsbury Hospital in Cape Town and am the first of two children of Des and Annette Freimond. My childhood memories are of days spent caravanning and paddle-skiing. My folks loved the beach and we were there every weekend. I went to Sweet Valley and then Bergvliet High School where I matriculated in 1982.
I married in 1991, lived in Zululand, Pietermaritzburg and then moved to Cape Town where we have been since 2000. I have three daughters and two (soon to be four) grandchildren. I tried my hand at a few different jobs, but design was always in my blood. I have been part of the print and design world for over thirty-five years and have worked in screen print, litho and digital mediums.
I love to travel and have returned to Italy yearly since 2012. It was in 2015 while traveling to my beloved Italy that I decided to become a totally digitally based mini agency. The saying ‘have laptop, will travel’ became my mantra. Well, until Covid that is. Since lockdown and all the travel restrictions that came along with it, my yearly visits came to an abrupt halt, but my plan is to return to my town of Cetona this April for a few months (travel permitting).
I absolutely love the people and have made quite a few friends. The food is obviously amazing but most of all, the feeling of being safe — of a life lived differently — is what keeps me going back.

But enough about me now. Let me say that this is going to be THE YEAR of the woman entrepreneur! The year where we as women business owners fly. As some of you know my passion is women entrepreneurs. Women who, like myself, have the vision and passion to start a business and fly with it. I truly believe that women are the backbone of society, we are life givers and life supporters. Our economy needs women to take up the challenge and fight for their right to be successful and raise successful families. Whether you are still incubating an idea or have taken the plunge — let’s make 2022 our year!
Covid has helped us to see that things can be different. We can move away from the traditional 9–5 office-based career and build businesses that are home based, that are built around family and that reflect the values we believe in.

During lockdown of 2020 the JacciR Design “Pay What You Can Campaign” came about after I recognised two things. Firstly, my work flow didn’t suffer like so many other business owners, in fact it grew during Covid. I realised how blessed I was. Secondly, I recognised that my success in the most part is due to where I come from. The contacts that I have made have given me a step up while building my business. So, as I grow my business overseas with all the benefits that this brings, so my social responsibility needs to go up a gear.
At JacciR Design we believe that our more successful clients should be supporting our start-ups and we do this by allowing small businesses to Pay What They Can for the same services as everyone else. Every business deserves the same great logo design, business support, social media and web design.

I love nothing more than to see a business that I have been involved with fly high. Small boast: First Ascent, the very popular outdoor clothing brand, JacciR designed their logo, and it gives me such a sense of joy to see them succeed.

JacciR Design specialises in all aspects of branding, business support material, social media and web design. We do both illustration and product photography in-house. You can see our extensive portfolio online on our website.

I would be honoured to be part of your journey and look forward to chatting with you so that together we can give your business the fuel it needs to succeed.

Here’s to a WomenPowerful 2022



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JacciR Design

JacciR Design


JacciR Design is a virtual studio, making use of the best of social media platforms to reach, chat to, and design for, my clients.