Do you really know your brand?

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3 min readJun 14, 2022
Rodion Kutsaev from

Funny question you might say. Of course I do.

Do you, really?

“A blank canvas has unlimited possibilities’ Stephanie Perkins and she is right. When you start out on this journey, you are standing in from of a blank canvas. In order for your designer to create the perfect brand for your business they need to get into your head, suss out what exactly it is that you are wanting to ‘be’ on this journey.

Here are some questions that your designer should be asking you.

First up, what is your superpower?
That’s right, we all have a super-power, it is what makes us passionate about our business. It’s what you shine as, it’s what your brand will become known for. It’s what get you out of bed in the morning, looking forward to the day. To be comfortable in your brand, you need to be harnessing that superpower and you need to be able to tell me about it. With passion.

What is your vision? This is JacciR Design’s vision, which describes in a few short sentences our belief, our strategy and our promise.

“We believe that every business is entitled to the opportunity to build and have support for their brand in a way that speaks of professionalism and success. JacciR Design therefore strives to deliver top quality design to women entrepreneurs at prices that reflects our commitment to building an economy built on small businesses who we believe to be the lifeblood of the economy.”

Can you lay out your vision in a manner that is clear, concise and attention grabbing? It took me quite a while to be able to put the vision for my company down in a way that I was happy with. In sentences that spoke the truth about JacciR Design’s place in the community and broader society.

Next, what is your ‘vibe’?
This is where you describe the ‘look’ of your company brand. This speaks to having a coherent story recognizable across all your branded items, social media advertising, your website and shop front. A useful tool is to have a mood board that you have created that gives your designer a good idea of your perceived style. Choosing colours that you feel best fit your company. The psychology of colour is a whole subject in itself and worth researching. Here is a great article to begin to understand the topic.
Deciding on the style of images you will use to tell your story. Will you have a clean modern design? Will it be warm and inviting or do you love ‘Skandi‘ style? Is it all about your love of nature or are you a hip hop devotee?

How will your social media look?
Choosing the right social media mix - and importantly style - for your business is so important, research what your competitors are doing, but, most importantly where you potential clients will be spending time. It’s no good if you are selling beer aimed at middle aged men, and you are all over TikTok looking like a hip hop artist... Your audience wont be there, and if they are they wont ‘get you’ at all. Your designer needs to know these things. :-)

Who are your ideal clients?
This is important to know when you are building your brand, it is vital knowledge when deciding on any of the above points. You cannot even begin to develop a brand until you understand the wants, needs, habits and preferences of your ideal client. Who your clients are dictates in a big way how your business is described by its brand.

“A product can be quickly outdated, but a successful brand is timeless.”
Stephen King

I hope that this article gives a better and simplified idea of what your designer needs to know in order to create a lasting brand for you.

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